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    Are you about to become an employer for the first time and feeling confused about what you need to do and what your obligations are? Help is at hand! We talk to many owners of small start-ups who get to the point where they need extra help in their business, are keen to do the right thing but are also conscious of cost at this early stage of their business. With that in mind, we’ve developed a package of support for brand new employers, to ensure they have all the basics in place for their new staff member and don’t need to worry that anything has been missed. Included in the package is the following:

    • A comprehensive manager’s guide to taking on your first employee, with information about everything you need to know
    • A bespoke contract of employment drafted for you to meet your business needs
    • Policies on discipline and grievance
    • An employee privacy notice to meet your GDPR requirements.

    Also included is up to an hour’s expert advice from your local face2faceHR consultant, all of whom are very experienced working with small business owners and can answer all of your employment law and other people-related questions.

    If you’d like to find out more about this offer including costs, click here to find your local face2faceHR consultant.
    First employee package - everything you need to know before taking on your first employee

    First employee package

    Everything you need to know before taking on your first employee