“Excellent service and very knowledgeable on all things HR. A valuable resource for any small business.”

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    Our consultants are experienced in finding practical solutions to the full range of people problems you may encounter, as well as guiding clients in a variety of proactive projects aimed at improving performance and making sure your business is a great place to work.

    From one-off specific projects to clients who may only need occasional hands-on support, we regularly advise SMEs on the following issues:


    Guiding you through the law
    and best practice

    Discipline & grievance

    Keeping your balance with employee relations

    At some point all organisations have to contend with a grievance or disciplinary issue.

    Our expert advice will ensure the whole procedure is conducted within employment law restrictions. Our aim is get you your desired result, through all stages of the process.

    Once the process is over we can provide practical advice on how to move on. We can help the individuals concerned – and the business as a whole – learn from the process; leading to better working relationships.

    Contact us to find out how our experience and knowledge can guide you through the most difficult workplace situations, getting you the positive outcome you need.

    Moving ahead

    Moving ahead


    A high performing team will add value to your business, earn you more clients, enhance morale, and make you the number one choice in your field.

    Managing and improving employee performance can seem time-consuming but has an undeniable impact on your bottom line.

    We can provide template appraisal forms to use, tailored to your specific requirements and advise you on how to conduct a successful appraisal.

    We can also provide you with advice on improving performance year-round, and help you deal with specific performance difficulties you may encounter.


    face2faceHR training – sharing experience

    face2faceHR can provide training for you and your team on any aspect of people management. This can give you the skills and knowledge to take your business and its people further.

    Training courses will be specifically tailored to your own requirements so let us know what you need.

    You may have someone who is new to people management, or a high performer who may need improved people management skills. A period of coaching to ‘boost’ their skills and knowledge could make all the difference to your business.


    Getting recruitment right for your business

    Finding the best person for the job can transform your business. But get it wrong and it can easily become costly. You could be faced with lost productivity and management time dealing with the problems, and in some cases find you need to recruit again after a short time.

    We can guide you through the whole process from identifying exactly what you need through to ensuring that your new employee’s first few months are productive and successful.

    Click here for a free copy of our guide to effective recruitment and selection, including 6 pages of tried-and-tested interview questions.


    Helping you end employment safely


    Occasionally it is necessary to terminate someone’s employment. This is an area of employment law which we strongly recommend you do not attempt without taking professional advice. We can guide you through the process ensuring that if you need to end someone’s employment you do so legally.

    If you need to make redundancies or dismiss someone for other reasons, contact us to find out how we can ensure you follow the legally required process and help you support your employees through a difficult time.


    Get to grips with absenteeism


    Reduced levels of sickness absence means increased productivity and profitability. We can advise on how to record your absence, how to analyse it and how to address it.

    If you feel you may have an absence problem with a particular individual, or if you would like to reduce overall absence levels in your company, we can help you.


    Not just about the money

    Rewarding staff appropriately can have a huge impact on morale and on your bottom line. It’s not just about salary. There are a whole range of things you can do as an employer to ensure your staff feel valued and are motivated; whatever your budget.

    We can offer advice on salary structures, grading systems, bonuses and other rewards appropriate for your business. We can give you ideas of benefits you may want to consider implementing and the best way to do it.